Rollers participation in the CAF Champions League is a huge achievement not only for themselves but for the Botswana Football. The premier league is quite delighted that whatever experience rollers will gain during the course of the competition, will have ripple effects for both the league and for the national team.

Playing against the continents giants like AL Ahly (rated 2nd in Africa) and Esperance of Tunisia (rated just below 10th in Africa), Township Rollers players and technical will gain massive experience which they will use to improve not only their quality but our league standard as well.

We also know that when the best athletes in compete against each other the spirit of competiveness goes up - which is why you often see new records being set.

I have no doubt that in the next seasons our league will be more competitive and will also attract quality foreign players and coaches. Furthermore, it is my hope that potential sponsors will come on board to support the league.

Not only will football benefit, but Batswana want the team to succeed because good performance will bring joy, pride and unity among Batswana.
We also look forward to the mix of cultures and ways of life which occurs when different people from different countries get together which consequently will lead to better understanding of continental/global culture.

In conclusion, I would like to wish Township Rollers all the best in the CAF Champions League and trust that the team will make the nation and football fraternity proud.

Vamos Popa Popa!!!!!