Fans encouraged to be punctual

Fans encouraged to be punctual
Man of the match Kgololo Kgogobi of Gaborone United

Tuesday Nov 04, 2014. 14:19

There were minimal security concerns in the recent Mascom top 8 games, but there is room for improvement according to Local Organizing Committee Head of Security, Bickie Mbenge.

“All what we can say is the attendance was good from Thursday, it was better than all the other years. This is exciting and we like it when spectators come to the stadiums in large numbers.” Mbenge said.

Mbenge did however caution against having people coming late to the games.

“We have seen a lot of people at Serowe arriving 15 minutes or so before kickoff. We were forced to delay the match. In this era you can’t do one hour delays, so we need to improve on that as televised games can be costly,” he said.

Mbenge explained that they had planned solutions from their crisis meetings for the huge weekend crowds. He also revealed that one spectator was injured in the process.

“The idea of the tournament is to run an incident free competition. In a nutshell we were prepared; the Serowe stadium was only tested for the first time on Friday. We have already started negotiations with the authorities to have more exit and entrance points.”

Mbenge also warned fans who used lasers at the Serowe game not to do develop a bad habit.

“We would want to encourage the fans not to do that. We know who the culprit is and we will deal with them through their clubs. All what we are saying is let us behave.

“The crowds were good. Generally, more excitement means more challenges. We will meet this week and map a way forward to reduce risks,” Mbenge said.

“People cooperated but we need to understand that a thing like searching cars at entrances is the right thing to do. We don’t want abuse; we search even for illegal weapons and it is in the FIFA statutes.”

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