BMC changes ownership

BMC changes ownership

Saturday Nov 15, 2014. 20:24

BMC, who are currently second in the Botswana Premier League standings, has changed ownership for the second time in the past two years.

The club first changed ownership in 2013 and hardly a year later they are changing again.

After the first change, the executive committee and some supporters of the club went to court in an attempt to block the ownership change. They were not successful as the court ruled that they didn’t have a legal standing as the club was part of the social welfare, which BMC was an affiliate of.

The case was appealed and lost again at the appeal stage. This week a communiqué from club manager, Nelson Radijeng, showed that the current owners have given it to another person, Kelisitse Raymond Gilika.

The statement informs that the Ghodrati family is pleased to have had an opportunity to promote the club from August 2013.

It further states that in an effort to enhance local empowerment, the foreign investors have now handed it over to a local sportsman. It also thanks the CEO of BMC the company - CEO, Akolang Tombale, for giving them the team at no cost.

The change will take effect on 1 January 2015.

The Ghodrati family however states that they will not be lost to football as they will be running a football academy under the FC Rangers name.

BMC is currently second on the log and has not lost a game this season.

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