No own goals on Sunday

No own goals on Sunday
Obonye Moswate of Township Roller

Monday Nov 24, 2014. 10:20

Of the four goals scored in the beMobile Premier League encounter between Township Rollers and BMC two of them were initially recorded as own goals, but this has now changed.

Official information reaching this website is that the goals were not recorded as own goals.

This has once more created an opportunity for the football nation to be educated on the laws of the beautiful game.

The first Rollers goal has been credited to Kobamelo Kebaikanye and the second one to Obonye Moswate.

An explanation from the referees’ office clarified the confusion that engulfed Botswana football on Sunday afternoon.

“The first ball was kicked by Kebaikanye. He took a shot at goal and it was goal bound even as the defender attempted to clear it. The defender failed to clear the ball and it crossed the goal line. The goal in this case is awarded to the kicker.

“The second goal was kicked from a corner kick and the same thing happened. The definition of an own goal is the opposite of what transpired in these two goals. A deflection is not an own goal in football understanding. In lay man’s language they are called own goals but it is not actually an own goal.”

As the records currently stand, there were no own goals scored on Sunday.

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