BFA provide update on upcoming Elective Annual Assemblies

BFA provide update on upcoming Elective Annual Assemblies

Friday May 25, 2018. 08:55

This serves to inform you that the Botswana Football Association Electoral committee at its meeting held on the 17th May 2018, resolves as follows:

- To endorse Circular NO.5 OF 2018, calling for the submission of nomination forms in preparation of respective Elective Annual Assemblies;

- That in the spirit of fairness and transparency, it will conduct the verification, vetting and publication of list of candidates as per the nomination form; and

- The election shall be conducted as per the normal practice. The Electoral Committee will provide guidance and over sight in the process.

We profusely apologize for the delay in completing the process. All efforts will be made to ensure that the exercise will be completed in time for the holding of respective Annual Assemblies.

Botswana Football Association

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